Our Real-Time Telemetry tool can be run on site with DST services.

Real-Time Telemetry can significantly reduce the cost of drill time


The Real-Time Telemetry tool samples downhole temperature and pressure data in real time and transmits that data to surface. A receiver at the surface captures and interprets the data; then it records and displays temperature and pressure data in a constantly updated form.


This system offers data immediately and allows the operator to make informed decisions without incurring the expense or time associated with traditional gauge operation. This in turn can reduce the cost of valuable rig time to conduct the drill stem test.


Introducing DST's Web Viewer Live!


Our proprietary software, Web Viewer Live!, shortens decision times and reduces rig costs by providing real-time data analysis and direct communication between the office and the field. Web Viewer Live! enables clients to remotely and securely access real-time test results from multiple stations anywhere in the world via satellite link-up.


Using DST Web viewer Live!, a DST International technician can provide guidance while  tests are being run and decision makers can communicate securely with the field in the event of a tight hole. They can see the data as it is collected, analyse it, and amend the test parameters to ensure optimal data collection.


You can download the the program driver from our website: http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx